The Speed Networking event hosted by Christian Business Connections Brandon is back by popular demand on Monday, April 9th 2018 at 8am-9:30am.

Speed Networking is the fast fun way to meet other business professionals  in the Brandon area. Come, bring lots of business cards and be prepared to meet over 40 other business professionals in Brandon.


Speed Networking Brandon FL

This event is free and open to the public and is an opportunity for business owners to introduce themselves to other business owners and get connected to people who are interested in their products and services. The only cost is the meal fee at Golden Corral.


The Speed Networking event is at the Golden Corral in Brandon Florida 815 Providence Road Brandon FL 33511


The cost is Free but Breakfast is $10.00 at the door.

You don’t need to RSVP but you can let us know you are interested or coming on facebook.


5 Tips to get the most out of Speed Networking:

  1. Know what you’ll say about yourself and your company.
    Keep it short and sweet since you won’t know the attention span or the depth of industry knowledge the people you are meeting will have.  “Hi, my name is ____, I do this type of work at this type of company and we serve these types of clients.”
  2. Know what to ask about their company/business.
    It might be safe to assume that the other person hasn’t prepped as well as you have. You may get someone who is bumbling along trying to explain the details of what they do, or you may have someone reciting their life story…either way you need to take back this short meeting. Have a few questions ready to interject such as “who are your customers?” or “what type of clients are you looking for?” This will help your  ill prepared networking date save some face and be able to provide you with helpful information during your initial brief time together.
  3. If there is time, ask more information about them.
    You’ll want to find out about the association, how long they’ve been a member, what has been the best benefit (business, referrals, expanding the network, volunteering) to them? This will help you get an understanding of the organization from several different people in a short period of time and help you decide if it may be a good group for you to join.
  4. Say thanks and mean it.
    When it’s time to end your meeting and move along, shake hands and genuinely thank the person for their time.
  5. Follow up with all those you met.
    Some may be a great client, a great connector or great business associate, you never know. Make the effort to drop each a brief email to tell them how good it was to have met. Continue to nurture the relationship into the future.